Monday, May 29, 2017

Be Present in Photos ~ Family Photography ~ Three Bees Studio , Belleville Ontario

I have been behind the camera professionally for over 11 years now, and 10 plus years before that. I live behind the scenes.. Messy hair, sweatpants and t shirts are my regular work attire. It is very rare that I step in front of the camera. BUT I have to practice more of what I preach.  I spend a lot of time convincing parents to "get in the shot". I find myself saying " your kids are only little once, they want pictures WITH you too!.. Well I did it.. I stepped in front of the camera! I was determined to have Mother's Day Photos with Bentley this year. I took these images myself, with a tripod and a remote.. it's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.. 

Be Present in Photos... For your children!

Three Bees Studio is owned by Joanne Harrington and serves families in the Quinte, Prince Edward County, Kingston Area, and all of Eastern Ontario!

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