Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Smiles …. Studio Session


Simply Adorable


Brother & Sister …… Easter Mini’s


I have been shooting this family since their little girl was a few months old…

I am Lucky enough to see them quite often.

I Love watching the kids grow!


Last year I was privileged to photograph the birth of this little guy..

Watch the blog for his First Birthday Cake Smash I shot this past weekendSmile


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Whoop there it is !!

Welcome to the new home of ATW photography ...

 When I opened ATW photography in 2006/2007 I was focused on packages , affordable prices and learning everything I could about the business and the art .. 
The name of what I was creating took a backseat and after I was suggested the name , I took it and kept moving ahead.. Although I really do like the name I was never in love with it.. I Never felt it truly reflected my feelings of the studio and why I decided it would be my career.. 

The reason I love photography is because it captures the rest of the memory we have forgotten.. We will always remember who was at our daughters first birthday, we never forget special moments in our minds , but what was everyone wearing? I know your thinking .."why does it matter" well memories spark memories.. Looking back at my daughters first birthday she laughs at what she is wearing ( overalls ) and she hates them now... But as we look and remember her birthday it brings up new memories of other times mama dressed her as she wished I hadn't. We end up through a ton of photos and a ton of memories we might not have had without those images. 
Most of you know my son Bradlee passed away almost 18 years ago at the age of two.  Before the world of digital cameras, cell phones it was film.. Expensive to buy and expensive to develop.. I have very few pictures of my son, and after 18 years of not seeing him the memories are fading. The pictures still look great , I just wish there were a lot more. The few pictures I have bring back amazing memories. I cherish those images as all the pictures of my kids ...those moments will never be replaced. 
I vowed after Bradless passing that any more children I had would have , not only would my kids have more photos of their life then they could handle and but good photos because I really enjoyed learning everything about the process. 
 My daughter was born as I was hooked at getting portraits done. All the department stores , I did it.. And PAID for it.. I got terrible photos, photographers who weren't photographers, small window of time, no space to take a family portrait , rushed and pushed to buy things I didn't want . I was frustrated. I bought a small cheap digital camera and started with natural light and posing techniques and worked my way up to well today,, and still learning .. ALWAYS LEARNING. 
I started doing my own photos of my kids and friends kids .. Getting better the more I learned. Saved my dollars and worked my way up the equipment ladder ( still a long way to go) lol.
My business was always about my kids , for my kids. After I had my last baby Bentley last year I decided it was time to have my business reflect my bee~utiful children .. My three B(ee)'s , Bradlee , Brooke & Bentley... 
Welcome to the new home of ATW photography for all things family , kids , babies, bellies and furry friends .. Three Bees Studio .... Bee sure to visit our Facebook page for great contests .. Our website has all pricing and contact info.. 
We are booking mainly weekends but email me as things can open up .. Contact us via our Facebook page or email for now as we are still in the process of changing things over..
Thanks to everyone for your continued support .. Onto to an amazing future ..