Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Welcome 2015

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Welcome again to a new year.. it seems like I write this same blog post often as the years are flying by now. Having kids really makes you aware of time and how little of it we all really have.

2014 was more a year of lows than highs for our family. The beginning of the year started great. My fiance decided this was the year to start his own business and he has been very successful for his first year. My son celebrated his first birthday with many other firsts to go along with it.. walking, talking, climbing and the end of the year with a first haircut ( big deal , trust me) … my daughter celebrated a few firsts as well and a few lasts… Her first job…. and her first day of her LAST year of high school, first college application…. feels like yesterday we were picking out her very first backpack.  I am sure this year will bring many firsts again for our family, as my little man continues to get smarter by the second… my daughter will graduate in June and head to a college in the fall…( mom so aint ready) … and maybe just maybe this will be the year I finally plan to become Mrs. Leavitt.. :) who knows what this year will bring and honestly who care? As long as my fiance and babies are by my side, we can brave anything!.


Happy New Year everyone!